This space is part of a project to study the process of producing and operating management plans for British Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Three areas have been chosen to begin the work. These are the Gower AONB in South Wales, the Isle of Wight AONB and the North Norfolk Coast AONB. They are similar in that they occupy large stretches of coastline which are major tourist attractions.
About half of the Isle of Wight was designated as an AONB in 1963, mostly in the South and West, but with six parcels of land stretching across the whole land area, in total amounting to around 189 square kilometres. The AONB represents the variety of landscapes found upon the Island, from chalk downs to farm pastures.. It also includes around half of the coastline including all of the Heritage Coast.

1= Castle Point; Osborne estate; Woodside; Wooton Creek
2= Quarr Abbey
3= Bembridge Ledge; Bembridge Down; Yar Valley; Downend; Blackridge Woods;
4= Luccombe Bay/Wroxall; St Lawrence/Godshill
5= Brighstone Bay; Carisbrooke; The Undercliff; The Needles; Western Yar
6=Newtown River; Fleetlands; Bouldner Cliff.

The parcels are situated in areas of relatively low population density, which for the most part are areas of land off the main road network.

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Isle of Wight AONB
North Norfolk Coast AONB
Gower AONB